This is a complimentary conversation to determine where you are financially,  and where you likely need to be for a secure future.

A Discovery Session is a time for you to discover who we are and a chance for us to get to know you. Sometimes the first meeting may take only an hour. However, we will take the time to understand you and your personal situation. We treat everyone with respect and fairness. Intricate scenarios, such as high-net-worth families with complex needs, receive the appropriate time and insights needed to help build a lasting strategy.

Basic financial information—but the more detailed the better: IRA, 401(k), investment account information, business interests, real estate holdings, Social Security information for example.

We abide by strict financial industry regulations to maintain the utmost privacy. See our complete Privacy Policy and other important information on our webpage,

Unlike many firms we have options which include both one-time only charges and/or fee-based strategies. Much depends on the recommended solutions, whether they are insurance, mutual funds, annuities, professional money managers, etc.

The Discovery Session should give you a good picture of your individual case, but implementation of a plan is an ongoing process and should be reviewed regularly.

You and your advisor maintain communications based on your needs and changing circumstances.

Typically, you will work with one financial advisor—or possibly a team of advisors—unless special areas of expertise are needed. We do not have a “call center,” and you will always be treated as an important individual.

Our interests are you. We have a full range of financial approaches, products, and strategies which exceed almost all other firms. But the most important element is that you will be treated with respect and are always important to us.

Keep in mind that we would be making commitments to one another. Our goal is to help you plan for the long haul. Your commitment would be to keep us up to date on your financial picture, goals, and changing life scenarios.

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