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The eagle's Nest Webcast

Date: August 6th
Time: 2-3 PM, MST

This week's hosts:

Taylor Leary

Keith Weinman

Mike Wallen

This Week's topic: How to fight the IRS and WIN

Getting a dreaded letter from the IRS is one of the worst financial scenarios you can face. The IRS is one of the most powerful government agencies and can make your life a nightmare.

What do you do if get into the crosshairs of the IRS? Most people will do whatever they can to resolve the issue, even if they feel there was no wrongdoing on their part. However, there may be some tactics to fight back. On this episode of the Eagle’s Nest Webcast, we are joined by Mike Wallen, the President of Highland Tax Group. Highland Tax Group, Inc. was founded with the intention of helping others with their IRS tax issue, IRS tax audit, or figuring out their tax position. They have helped many clients resolve their IRS tax issues so they can get back to living their lives with a sense of peace, clarity, and security.

On this episode we will hear about specific scenarios where Mike and his team helped their clients resolve their tax issues and beat the IRS. In the process we will learn about what to look out for, what do if the IRS contacts you, how to fight the them, and what to do to avoid hand-to-hand confrontation with them.
Even if you never have to deal with the IRS, this will be an enlightening conversation that you won’t want to miss.

See you there!!!



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November 14 or November 16

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