About Presidential Wealth Management

History of Presidential Wealth Management

Presidential is now well into its third decade as a firm. But even more important than the number of years is the real-world experiences and values that bring our team together.

Presidential Wealth Management was originally started as Presidential Brokerage Inc., in 1991. Over the ensuing years our team has steered through many global storms and rough economic times—bear markets, tech bubbles, banking and real estate implosions along with other global debacles.

What our team’s leadership saw as it looked at the changing financial landscape was the opportunity to help provide thousands of individuals and families with the respect, strategies, insights and commitment which they had never previously known.

Our goal became—and ardently remains—to become a trusted, responsible, respectful source of financial guidance.

Core Values

To earn the trust of every client we serve
To adhere to the highest ethical standards
To recruit only talented, caring and qualified people as part of our team
To provide continuing education to our clients and to our team
To know and keep current with the latest technology
To live by the golden rule


To make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and their families by providing insightful, personalized, and caring financial guidance.

Experienced professional advisors focused on many aspects of financial strength including retirement planning

Presidential Wealth Management offers individuals and families the tools and guidance to build and monitor a meaningful retirement plan.

We address today’s new financial challenges in a refreshing, personal way and offer free, no obligation workshops that help demystify and help clarify complex financial issues.

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