A Deep Dive into Roth Conversions

Should you convert a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA? It depends on many factors. Bruce Larsen guides readers through some of the fundamental considerations of when a Roth conversion and shows how different variables influence the bottom line.

A Retirement Checklist

This retirement checklist covers what to do before you retire and afterward. It addresses Medicare, Social Security, company retirement plans, and more.

The Estate Planning Crisis

Current trends in estate planning point to a decline in having a plan in place when an individual passes. Learn how to prevent the state taking control of your estate and ensure you are in control of the process.

It’s All About Income

Do you think your investment strategy should change as you near retirement or after you retire? I know what you’re thinking…of course the answer is “yes”. You’ve worked a 1/3 or more of your life preparing for this day. You’ve been saving in your 401K, IRAs, and other accounts to build a nest egg you […]

Should Social Security Be Privatized?

Over the years there have been numerous calls to privatize Social Security. The primary argument used is that an investor could get a much better return if his contributions, along with employer contributions, were managed and invested in the workers own account. To see if this argument has merit, we need to look at what […]

Four Questions You Need to Answer Before Taking Social Security

A retired couple looking for Social Security answers

Age 62 is the most popular age for individuals to start taking their Social Security.  With as much as a 25%-30% permanent reduction in retirement benefits, why would the majority of 62 years olds still start their Social Security benefits the moment they are eligible for benefits?  There are many reasons. Some are valid; however, […]


Just in case the title has you thinking this article is about The GAP clothing company, I want to let you know “the GAP” I am referring to is something much more important to your financial success.  In my 20 years of financial planning experience with clients and training advisors, planning for your retirement starts […]

Is Social Security an Entitlement?

Due to the large, and growing, federal debt we often hear from elected officials that the debt cannot be brought under control without entitlement reform. Included in entitlement reform discussions is Social Security. Knowing that workers, and their employers, pay into Social Security most people wonder why Social Security can be called an ‘entitlement’ when […]

End-of-Year Financial Checklist

Are you like me where you find yourself feeling a little anxious near the end of the year because of the things you wanted to get done, but didn’t yet? Which reminds me, I need to clean the gutters and winterize the pop-up camper. Each year, December seems to come faster and faster; and, it […]