The focus is changing.
It's on you. It's on the future.

It’s a step of natural growth and a willing, enthusiastic greeting of the future.

The financial service industry is in the middle of tumultuous change. DOL’s proposed changes are on-again off-again. Products and product sponsors are radically different from just a few years ago, and will probably look substantially different in coming months. Compensation structures for financial advisors continue to undergo review and pruning. Trade magazines are in continual debate with themselves over whether the future belongs to independents or to a more structured employee business model. We have the right answer for both.

The Independent Road—1099

Presidential Wealth Management is the operating division in support of independent financial advisors for Presidential Brokerage, Inc. It has been designed from the roots up by financial advisors themselves. Its sole focus is to make your life as an independent easier, safer, and more productive than any other model out there. Supported by a back-office of veteran staff, and headed by one of the industry’s most successful builders of independent practices, it is here to make you look great to your clients. Deep industry relationships, one of the widest arrays of products, strategies and services in the industry, and a can-do attitude sets us apart from the crowd. As an independent, you are the captain of your ship with the freedom to choose your destinations, your clients, and your financial solutions.

A Different Kind of Employee Model—W-2

Some people like to run their own businesses. For others, success lies in the direction of concentrating their efforts on what they do best: meeting with clients, having a team approach to marketing, working together on seminar events, and not having the stress, distraction and responsibilities of making every minute decision.

We utilize a proven high-profile strategy for marketing, positioning, and differentiation for investors across America in their ongoing challenge of obtaining high-quality investment guidance and a secure retirement. We have designed our model specifically to keep you in front of clients as effectively as possible. Brochures, logos, radio-ad copy, seminars, handouts, information booklets, and beautifully appointed offices are ready for you to get to work.

Step 1: Ask yourself these questions about your work, your dreams, your future:

What aspects of my work bring me the greatest joy?

What aspects bring me the greatest annoyances or stress?

Which of these two polarities consume most of my time and energy?

Do I ever feel as if I have way too much to do?

Am I satisfied with where I am in my career, and where I’ll be in five or ten years?

Am I willing to start something new?

How will the benefits outweigh the risks of starting now?

What things would I like to release or relinquish in moving to a new model?

How might that result in gains, both financial and personal?

Step 2: Assess your work situation

Are you one of many employees in a huge investment bank? In a wirehouse, job security comes with lack of control, quotas, bureaucracy and a feeling that everyone is in it for themselves, including the company you work for.

Do you work for yourself?

While independence is usually all about freedom, at many firms it often results in more responsibilities like running your business and managing other people. In that process, have you moved away from doing what you do best?

The concept of interdependence finds its strength by assembling a staff of like-minded people, who share the same vision and dreams. Interdependence is about releasing and relinquishing the big tasks of running a business, to focus on the things that you are passionate about.

Consider this chart:

Step 3: It’s time for you to decide, “Which is best for me?”

For more information call Tony Campen: 303-694-1600.

Educational Workshops:

The firm sponsors monthly events in multiple offices, through our One Team employee model. These events are educational in nature marketed through multiple channels.

Creative Services:

Our creative services range from off-the-shelf resources to completely custom solutions, including print, e-marketing, and video production in our Greenwood Village studio. We are open to advisor contributions and constantly expanding our menu to accommodate the needs of our producers.


Advyson is a cloud-based platform that provides CRM, reporting, client portals and more. Instant access to your clients and data from the office or any remote location.

Torrid Technologies:

An extremely flexible planning tool that looks at resources, and sources of income to produce a picture of what to expect retirement to look like. It also answers many of important questions about the “what ifs” in life.

First Clearing & Smart-Station:

This affiliate of Wells Fargo provides clearing services and a platform engineered to help advisors be more efficient, productive, and successful. There are also resource for training, products, services, money managers, and fixed income inventories.


Document management and workflow solutions simplify the process of capturing, organizing, and accessing information.

Laser App:

State-of-the-art form filling technology to assist advisors with processing paperwork and forms.


To Change the World and Our Market

The opportunity to do something truly important in life is rare. Really rare. It takes a combination of passion, commitment, and opportunity. You are already motivated to be looking at what we have going—and where we’re headed—or you wouldn’t be curious and exploring new possibilities. Good for you!

We are looking for motivated people—only motivated people—who we can further inspire with our passion to help America overcome the headwinds it faces. We are looking to make a difference!

Presidential Wealth Management and America’s Retirement Store marketing division aren’t just nametags pinned to our lapels. It is a description of who we are and what we are all about. You see it every evening on the network news and read it every day in the Wall Street Journal or USA Today: the country faces a retirement crises. Seventy million baby boomers—with another 84 million Gen-Xers and Millennials close on their heels—are unprepared for the mental, physical, and financial challenges confronting them. Our goal is to help as many as we possibly can. It will make a difference to them and to the generations that follow them.

At Presidential Wealth Management, we believe this is the greatest advisory business building environment of all time. We are focused on the future and taking advantage of this great opportunity to grow and succeed, while many firms are narrowly focused on their own profit goals and constant distractions.

As you browse through our pages here you will sense that we are different. Our client focus is on hardworking business owners who have spent a lifetime of sweat and grit building something of substance; we’re helping the stressed professional who has been consumed by their specialization and who’s looking for that special piece of financial guidance and attention they don’t find other places.

We do it all. We work with educators, craftspeople, trades, military (past and current) to help them get a fair shake. From a practical standpoint, what most of them have for investment alternatives are simply the big, cookie-cutter investment programs. We know they deserve more. And it makes a really good business model to do so.

Comprehensive Wealth Management Resources

We work with families, businesses, and high-net-worth individuals whose needs exceed the ordinary. And we do more.

Wall Street is focused solely on the highest net worth clients and mega producers. On the other end of the spectrum the discount firms use impersonalized call centers and give individual attention only to large accounts. We bridge that gap—able to assist high net worth families with their sophisticated needs while ably guiding others to reach their goals as well.

Presidential Wealth Management is looking for caring and dedicated advisors to bring America—including the “millionaire next door,” small business owners, stressed professionals—a variety of new strategies and new thinking about what will become the most important and enduring times of their lives.

Taking that Important Step—Becoming a Presidential Wealth Management financial advisor

What a rewarding career to have: helping people plan for financial security for generations to come. How could you hope to have more meaning in your life? For the passionate, caring individual there are precious-few better ways to focus your time and effort.

There is a great book by Steve Farber—The Radical Leap—that guides people who may are aspiring to have true impact and to find deeper meaning in their lives. And Farber says the primary, successful way to do that is to find ways to help change the world for the better. For years our passion has been to help the great people of America secure a better financial future – for themselves, their families, and their heirs!

What does it take to be a successful Presidential Wealth Management advisor? In some ways, maybe not as much as you think. In other ways, perhaps more. First, you must have passion to make a difference. Not simply a good intention to do something important someday, but a real commitment to take action today. Second, you must have—and convincingly present—your ability to guide people through complex and sometimes difficult decisions. People are seeking common sense guidance and direction. What they don’t want is a wishy-washy advisor who is afraid to be decisive and confident.

With the strategies, platforms, and training we provide you, you will have all the tools necessary to do that. You will have the leadership to take people from simply “some good ideas” to seeing the compelling reasoning, logic, and substance behind your recommendations and be persuasive enough to have them act.

The Business Opportunity

Our office locations project easy access, high visibility, strong branding, and a simple compelling message. We provide the support, marketing, and tools to help you grow your business if you have your own location.

Traditional W-2 employee or 1099 Independents.

We are partnering with truly motivated financial advisors in a bold new way to help America achieve life’s goals through preparation and planning.

Presidential Wealth Management enjoys numerous strategic relationships in the financial services industry. One of the most enduring is a nearly 20-year association the nation’s 2nd-largest bank holding company and 3rd-largest provider of brokerage services (First Clearing LLC, a wholly owned division of Wells Fargo Corp.). FCC provides a world-class platform for financial professionals, research, and direct access to services such as Dorsey Wright & Associates. Other industry relationships include numerous insurance companies, annuity firms, one of the largest, and on the most successful insurance FMOs.

These affiliations allow us to provide not only the same level of financial service the affluent investor receives, but in many cases the exact same, highly-exclusive products and/or services. We can also provide the $25,000 investor access to money managers and services that typically require millions of dollars in investable assets to gain individual entry; we have very sophisticated mutual fund management programs with actively selected and monitored funds automatically re-balanced and customized for investors at the $25,000 level and above and exclusive money management programs. These programs are in addition to scores of other investment vehicles, strategies, and services along with numerous insurance and annuity products we know and use.

As a 20-plus year advisor at Presidential Wealth Management I have witnessed many changes and major transformations at our firm. The important things have stayed the same, however. Those things all revolve around the integrity of the firm’s owners & culture. Unlike the “Profit First” credo of Wall Street, advisors at Presidential Wealth Management put the well-being of the client first with the firm’s blessing to do so. Presidential Wealth Management has invested more time, money and resources than any other firm I’m aware of to not only help advisors acquire new clients, but also to support advisors in providing top investment strategies and service to our clients. There is a very high degree of team and family feeling at Presidential Wealth Management and the advisors here really strive to not only help our clients, but each other as well. It’s rare to find a small firm like ours that has become so recognizable throughout the community.

Jason McBride
Vice President

As one of the younger advisors at Presidential Wealth Management I have been afforded countless opportunities to grow and thrive at this dynamic company. With the resources, guidance, and encouragement provided to me I have been able to excel from an advisor assistant to become a advisor. The culture of the firm facilitates and supports an entrepreneurial attitude. Working at Presidential Wealth Management I feel like I am a part of something bigger, I am excited to prosper and develop as the firm grows.

Taylor Leary
Wealth Manager

We would like you to consider joining our firm.

We are actively seeking enthusiastic and highly talented financial professionals who share our passion for helping a generation of Americans prepare for what could be the most rewarding, or perhaps the most challenging, times of their lives.

Are you currently annoyed with about your job or firm, facing frustration every day with unreasonable, inflexible compliance, bureaucracy, low payouts, and without a way to generate leads or effectively market? If so, we might be right for you

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