Designating a Trusted Contact

It happens more than you might think

A senior investor suddenly asks his broker to withdraw all the funds from his brokerage account. The request strikes his advisor as strange, because the client normally takes a more measured approach to managing his money.

It’s a red flag that raises a worrying question in the broker’s mind: Is her client being preyed upon by a scammer? Is the client being pressured by a family member or caregiver? If so, should she still disburse the funds as asked? Or should she take time to determine whether her suspicions are justified?

The protection of senior investors has always been a top priority for Presidential. To protect our clients, we’re asking that you reach out to your adviser and designate a trusted contact. A trusted contact is someone that your adviser can contact if there is suspicion of possible financial exploitation.

Fill out the form to contact your advisor and they will be in touch to answer questions and help guide you through the process.

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