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Because the 2018 estate tax exemption is $11,180,000 per spouse, few people find themselves in a situation where their estate will be subject to federal estate taxes. If you are in this situation, and we have enough time, we can typically show you strategies to eliminate or minimize the estate taxes your loved ones will have to pay.

If your estate will not be subject to estate taxes, don’t make the common mistake of assuming you don’t need to have an estate plan in place. With no estate plan the state probate court will determine how your estate is distributed. We also often encounter errors in asset titling that expose people to liability as well and cause your loved ones to have to pay unexpected income and/or capital gain taxes.

We would be happy to take a look at the structure of your estate to help you decide if further planning is needed.

To discuss estate planning, please call our main office at 303-694-1600 or you can request a Discovery Session through an online form.

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