Insurance Platforms & Coordinated Trading

Insurance plays a big role in securing the future

We believe that access to top-flight insurance expertise is not only a business necessity, but an increasingly important component in creating truly comprehensive financial strategies in the world of DOL oversight. What a contemporary advisor requires—and what Presidential provides—is access to multiple insurance products and solutions through some of the most respected and rock-solid firms anywhere. But simple access to products is not enough.

You need competitive dominance, training, innovative case design/review, clear points of contact, marketing and sales support. You’ll have them all.

Securities, money managers, platforms and strategies

You have access to scale without stifling constraints of bureaucracy. Our 20-year deep-rooted affiliation with the fourth largest provider of brokerage/clearing services, Wells Fargo Clearing, LLC, a division of the third largest US -based bank ($2.5 trillion in assets), gives you immediate access to a remarkable array of technology, research, money managers, managed mutual fund programs, loan capabilities, technical analysis, advisor training, and marketing materials.

Securities, money managers, platforms and strategies

If you manage and execute your own portfolios, our technology will eliminate much of the complexity. The Advanced Order Entry function will allow you to easily submit a block order for your discretionary accounts (including Power of Attorney accounts) for an equity or ETF. An average price will be applied across the accounts associated with the order.The system allows up to 300 accounts to buy or sell a single security and you can select multiple accounts or choose “Accounts with Positions” tab for a purchase or sell. The system will automatically calculate the block quantity based on positions held in the indicated accounts.

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