Jason McBride

Senior Vice President

Discipline, common sense, and adaptability characterize Senior Vice President Jason McBride’s approach to client care. His philosophy is that having a strategy and a plan are paramount to making progress in life, financial and otherwise.

Jason concerns himself with the overall financial well-being of the people he works with, helping them understand ways to achieve long term stability of their income and principal, and implementing common sense yet highly sophisticated strategies. He is dedicated to helping his clients make informed and carefully considered investment decisions to enhance their financial strength.

He believes that too many advisors continue to focus on only one aspect of investing—the accumulation of assets, while many investors today are more concerned about how to protect existing assets to provide certainty through retirement and beyond. Today, Jason employs a comprehensive approach to investing that combines the most powerful features of income protection, portfolio construction, true diversification, and risk management.

“Buy and Ignore” is not a strategy Jason has ever believed in. He has invested significant time and resources in the areas of IRAs, 401ks, and ROTH IRAs-an area of great opportunity for most investors-but an area also rife with intricacies, misinformation, and possible missteps that can have rapid and potentially disastrous consequences to an investor’s financial longevity if improperly handled.

 Jason has been in the financial services industry for over 25 years, and joined Presidential in early 1995.

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