Keith Weinman

Vice President

Coloradoans have watched and listened to Keith on television and radio for over 30 years. While part of the KOA radio morning show from 1981 to 1999, Keith also worked as a television business reporter for Channel 7 in Denver then moved to Channel 4 where he did live morning business reports for almost 10 years. During that time he was honored as one of the states best business and financial reporters.

From 2002 to 2010 Keith co-hosted what became one of the most listened to and respected morning talk shows in Colorado and helped KCOL radio achieve nationwide acclaim. Keith and partner Gail Fallen were awarded Best Talk Radio Hosts in Colorado 4 times by the Colorado Broadcasters Association. During his career Keith has met and talked with 5 US Presidents and countless celebrities. Among his most memorable experiences was an invitation to meet and then have lunch with President Ronald Reagan at the White House. During his years working as a business journalist Keith enjoyed meeting and talking with Malcolm Forbes, Alan Greenspan, Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch.

A sought after public speaker, Keith’s style is rooted in talk radio. He talks with groups instead of to them about current events and their impact on our lives. Throughout his career Keith has enjoyed simplifying complex ideas. “I came to Presidential after meeting its founders and learning that its mission statement is the absolute truth,” says Keith. “Presidential Wealth Management knows that America is tired of being gamed, exploited and ignored during the most important time of our lives!”

Keith has lived in Colorado since 1976. He enjoys wake surfing, snow boarding and golf year round. With a special concentration major Keith earned the equivalent of degrees in Business, Marketing and Journalism from Southern Illinois University.

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