Kelly L. St. George, MBA

Wealth Advisor

Kelly joined Presidential Wealth Management in 2019 as a wealth advisor who has been offering financial services for the past 7 years.   She was a mortgage professional for more than 30 years in her former life.   

Values of Practice

She believes the value differential she provides lies in solidifying your vision of the future through collaboration, managing emotions during volatility, incorporating tax strategies, providing ongoing education, mitigating risk and being your biggest cheerleader.

She prides herself on being accessible, ensuring a healthy relationship where you feel important, regardless of the plan size.  She offers fee-based and non-fee options with many complimentary services.    

She speaks your language, not jargon, is approachable and admits, she is terrible at sales.  She stays connected, plans, advises, educates, cares and wants to work with clients that return her calls and emails because they are equally vested in their goals.

Best Fit for my Services

The best fit are individuals in the 45+ category, planning for retirement in a non-traditional family (age-gap couples, divorced, widowed, LGBTQ),  in a non-traditional setting or location, or where money is a hot topic, then I believes that where she can make a big difference.   Her clients are successful professionals or early retirees with full lives. 

Personal Notes:

I am a graduate of both the University of Denver and CSU, where I received my MBA in 2013.  I am also a member of the Women’s Estate Planning Council where I have served on the board for the past 4 years.  I am recently divorced, happy and live in Golden with my 17 year old son who will be a Senior at Lakewood High School starting in the Fall.  I also teach Zumba (when the rec centers are open).  I consider myself as non-traditional and someone that “colors outside of the box.”


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