Market Light Weekly Update December 19th, 2017: Who Own Google?

Market Light Weekly Update December 19th, 2017: Who Own Google?

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Who Owns Google Bitcoin, tax reform, Saudis shooting down missiles midair, Santa rally, January effect. There are a lot of things to talk about market wise. New highs (virtually all the major indexes) and new lows (only 27 52-week lows versus 140 new 52-week highs on the NYSE so far today). But most of those topics are thread worn and thrown about so much that the garland is sort of drooping on the tree.

So, let’s have some fun. Attached is mind-bender puzzle—Who Owns Google—I put together some time back. It is loosely based on something called Who Owns the Zebra, but this is geared closer to our way of thinking. All the information needed to solve it is included for you. First person (or team) to solve it wins an enormous, enviable, highly-valuable prize that only requires feeding two times per day and combing hourly (or whenever it lets you near). Don’t share your solution – it may be wrong and you don’t want to have the burden of that everlasting stigma. From our 100+ ETF database, strong relative strength ETFs this week are Solar (TAN), Retail (XRT), Home Construction (ITB), Consumer Services (IYC), and Metals & Mining (XME). Weak-ers are Natural Gas Futures (UNG), Brazil (EWZ), Silver (SLV), Mexico (EWW), and Livestock (COW).

Our Technical Tea Leaves remain seasonally green – seems ‘evergreen” but we know that doesn’t happen: The new high/new low indicator has reversed to the upside.  This is a reliable bullish signal that is often followed by an upward movement in prices. In this weak uptrending market prices could continue in this direction.


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