21 of the Best Trends of the Last Decade

In this episode of The Eagle's Nest podcast: While it’s often easy to get caught up in the doom and gloom of the news headlines these days, there are also some headlines that reflect a positive note. Kelly Collins and Bruce Larsen explore 21 trends of the past decade that are worth mentioning.

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Kelly Collins

Bruce Larsen

What better way to start a new decade than to acknowledge the successes of the past? Kelly Collins and Bruce Larsen look at 21 of the best trends to come out of the past ten years.
Income is up, child mortality is down. Cancer mortality rates have seen a decline, along with diagnoses of HIV.
We don’t want to reveal ALL of the trends before you listen to the podcast, so here’s the last one (please don’t “bee” upset with the spoiler): Honeybee populations are also on the rise.
 Did you know that pecan trees (and many other flowers and plants) can’t survive without bees? No bees, no crops. No crops, no farmers. It’s easy to overlook the link between one situation and our own financial well-being, but the link is there none the less.
 These 21 trends all impact our economic well-being, albeit some have a more direct influence than others. Kelly and Bruce explain what the trends are and why they deserve recognition.

Kelly Collins

Wealth Advisor

For the past 7 years, Kelly has been partnering with clients to give them the knowledge, products, resources and reassurance to feel confident in their plan.  She is passionate about helping individuals and businesses reach their financial goals and objectives through education, analysis, planning and implementation.  She believes that every situation deserves “white glove” treatment whether you are just starting on your path, recognizing a pivot in your strategy, or positioning yourself to realize the dreams you have set during your working years. 

Bruce Larsen

Senior Financial Advisor, NSSA®, Certified Estate Planner™

Bruce is a featured speaker at Presidential Wealth Management workshops and also provides continuing education to tax preparers.  Bruce is a certified National Social Security Advisor. He is the “go-to” guy in the office for federal benefits issues, pension analysis, estate planning and special needs planning for disabled adults and children.

Bruce is also a published author. You can find his book, A Concise Guide to Taxes in Retirement, on Amazon in print or e-book format. It’s a no-nonsense overview of common tax situations one might face in retirement. 

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