Social Security Retirement Benefits Get a Raise in 2020!

Social Security Retirement Benefits Get a Raise in 2020!

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Social Security COLA 2020 Presidential Wealth Management (1)
Episode 47 of The Eagle's Nest podcast: Kelly Collins and Taylor Leary talk about the upcoming increase in Social Security benefits in 2020.

If you’re receiving Social Security benefits or looking to file for your Social Security benefits, the Social Security Administration just announced a raise for all beneficiaries for 2020. Kelly Collins and Taylor Leary discuss the details of the 2020 cost-of-living-adjustment and go into the history and details of how the COLA is determined.

Presidential Wealth Management is well-known for educating thousands of Coloradans on how to best file for their Social Security retirement benefits. We just finished a slate of free classes in Parker, Greenwood Village, and Arvada. We currently have two classes coming up in Golden and Parker. These will be our last classes for 2019, so go check out the details at or call Natalie at 303-694-1600.


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