bruce larsen certified estate planner and taxes in retirement specialist

Spotlight: Bruce Larsen

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In Episode 31 of The Eagle’s Nest, Taylor Leary sits down with Bruce Larsen and the two discuss Bruce’s story. For those who first meet Bruce, the first impression is often” “wow, this guy must be a hit at tax code parties!” The sheer amount of rules and regulations that Bruce is familiar with is astounding. Bruce is an expert on taxes in retirement and estate planning. But he also has a surprising backstory. Who would have guessed that this young ranch-hand would one day literally write the book on taxes in retirement and then go on to create his own estate planning software solution?

Please enjoy this great episode. If you are interested in Bruce’s book, you can request a free copy here. You can also access his free webinar on taxes in retirement, request a free trial of Legacy Guide, or request a free copy of A Layman’s Guide to Probate.