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In this episode of the Eagle's Nest podcast: Keith Weinman and Laura give an inside look at what goes on at Presidential Wealth Management's Loveland office and why their teamwork, contributions, and personalities are so valued by our clients and the rest of the Presidential family.

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Keith Weinman

Laura Allsup

If you’ve listened to the Eagle’s Nest Podcast, you’re familiar with the format. Our advisors and guests inform listeners about financial and retirement planning, market conditions, investments, and related topics with a local connection to Colorado and the Front Range.

This episode is taking a different direction. Keith Weinman and Laura Allsup are going to take listeners on a journey up north to our Loveland office and introduce them (and you, Dear Reader) to The Loveland Experience.

Keith and Laura are longtime residents of the Fort Collins – Loveland area, and they’ve been the mainstays of our Loveland office since it opened a decade ago. Keith and Laura and the office itself embody the spirit of Loveland: neighborly, authentic, helpful, and always a pleasure to visit.
Keith joined the firm after a long and successful career in radio and professional voice work. Keith’s still does radio — you can listen to him every weekday morning on 1310 KFKA’s Mornings with Gail broadcast, but nowadays he lends his golden voice to helping the folks of Loveland and the surrounding area plan for retirement.

Laura and her family have deep roots in Fort Collins and Loveland, and it’s no exaggeration to say she is one of the kindest, most sincere, and helpful people one could ever hope to meet. She works with Keith to help our clients with all of their needs. Keith might be famous for his golden voice, but Laura’s smile and cheerful demeanor are instantly felt whether one is speaking to her in person, on the phone, or through a podcast.

Keith and Laura might be 60 miles as the eagle flies from the Presidential nest (corporate headquarters) in Greenwood Village, but they’re a vital part of the Presidential family. And that’s how they treat their clients: like family. It’s all part of The Loveland Experience.

If you are interested in meeting Keith and Laura for assistance with your financial planning and retirement planning needs, call 970-775-7600 during regular business hours or drop in the office at 2725 Rocky Mountain Ave #100 Loveland, CO.

Keith and Laura will be hosting a Taxes in Retirement class at the Windsor Rec Center on February 6th (6:30 pm) and February 8th (10:00 am). It’s free, and all are welcome to attend. You can reserve your seats at this link.

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