Why TurboTax Sucks

In this episode of The Eagle's Nest podcast: Bruce Larsen and Enrolled Agent John R. Dundon II discuss the deceptive offer of "free" tax services offered by Turbotax.

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John R. Dundon II

You’ve  probably seen ads telling you TurboTax is free. Technically that is true, for your federal return — provided you have a very simple tax situation. For most people, there is a cost that you may not realize until you are deep into preparing your return. TurboTax requires you to upgrade to a more advanced version. Most users are so far into the process they pay the fee to finish with the ordeal. Also, what isn’t clear: the state tax return is not free.

TurboTax’s promise of “free tax preparation” quickly transforms into a price tag for most users. John and Bruce aren’t the only one who think this sucks: At least five state attorney general’s have opened investigation’s into TurboTax’s deceptive marketing of “free” services. ProPublica’s investigative expose takes a look at the state probes. The IRS, who entered into a non-compete with Big Tax Preparers if they promised to offer free filing, looks to be changing the terms of that agreement after repeated bad faith actions by TurboTax and others. 

On the positive side, if you correctly use TurboTax or any of the other “free” software packages, your return should be accurate. More of a problem than cost is that none of these applications give you much tax planning. By the time you struggle through the return, you are probably so tired of the process you file and forget.

Bruce Larsen and Enrolled Agent John R. Dundon II discuss the limitations of “free” or low-cost tax applications and point out the costs that you may pay. They also point out how tax-planning can be just as important as tax-preparation.

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Bruce is also a published author. You can find his book, A Concise Guide to Taxes in Retirement, on Amazon in print or e-book format. It’s a no-nonsense overview of common tax situations one might face in retirement. 

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