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Do you understand how your retirement benefits work? More importantly, do you know how your retirement benefits will fund your retirement plan?

401ks have become the de facto retirement account savings plan for most individuals. Most workers enroll in a company-provided plan and once their contributions begin, they often pay little attention to how the plan is performing until they get close to retirement. If you are not actively managing your 401k, this can be problematic for several reasons:

  1. Your plan could perform better with active management. You can optimize gains and minimize risks. 
  2. You could be missing out on powerful tax-deferment and income-earning options that you would would have access to with a Roth IRA.
Do you know how required minimum distributions will affect your income stream in retirement? Is your Thrift Savings Plan, pension—PERA, company or other—in the right position in your retirement plan? If you are using a Roth, is it being properly utilized to provide the maximum advantage to your retirement plan?

Retirement benefits are unique to an individual. We can help you make the best decisions with your retirement benefits and the role they will play in your retirement plan.

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