Social Security Calculator

This calculator estimates your projected Social Security benefit based on your current age. You can also specify if you want to add a spousal benefit. Caution: The calculator assumes your spouse is the same age and has no benefit on his or her own; they are receiving one half of your benefit. If you and your spouse have similar benefits, you should enter each of you separately into the calculator.

This calculator gives you a very rough draft of what you can expect from your benefit but be aware it is assuming you will continue to earn the same annual income up until the age of retirement. It is also assuming you have earned roughly the same amount, adjusted for inflation, throughout your career.

We would be happy to prepare a more detailed estimate for you so that you can get the most out of your benefits.

To discuss Social Security strategies,  please call our main office at 303-694-1600 or you can request a Discovery Session through an online form.

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