The Eagle’s Nest Podcast: Are You Getting Hoodwinked When Applying For Your Social Security Benefits?

In Episode 19 of The Eagle’s Nest, Jason and Bruce look at a serious issue: individuals going to the Social Security office and being given misleading or outright false information that negatively impacts their retirement benefits.

A Retirement Checklist

This retirement checklist covers what to do before you retire and afterward. It addresses Medicare, Social Security, company retirement plans, and more.

March Workshops in Colorado Springs

colorado springs socail security and medicare workshops march 2018

Presidential Wealth Management will be holding two free workshops in March at our Colorado springs workshop. On March 20th at 6:30 pm we will be hosting our Social Security & You workshop. This workshops focuses on teaching people how to best make Social Security benefits work for your individual retirement plan. The workshop covers a […]

Should Social Security Be Privatized?

Over the years there have been numerous calls to privatize Social Security. The primary argument used is that an investor could get a much better return if his contributions, along with employer contributions, were managed and invested in the workers own account. To see if this argument has merit, we need to look at what […]