Taxes in Retirement Class: February 9th

February 9th, 12:15 pm

WHAT you will learn at this class

To register for the Taxes in Retirement class or the Social Security call 303-694-1600 or fill out the form. 


This Taxes in Retirement class will walk attendees through common retirement situations and scenarios where tax issues can arise. The situations covered include capital gains, taxes on Social Security benefits, required minimum distributions from 401ks and IRAs and more. 

The class will typically take an hour to cover core concepts and the presenter will walk through different situations with examples. After the presentation, Bruce will take questions from the audience. 

ChiCk-Fil-A will provide lunch at noon, 15 minutes before the class starts. Lunch is free for all attendees. 

There is also a Social Security class the prior to the Taxes in Retirement workshop. If you are interested in attending the Social Security class, you can learn more here. The Social Security class is available on the evening of February 7th and the afternoon of February 9th.

This is not a sales presentation. Our workshops are a public service to the community and all are welcome to attend. If you know of family members, friends, or co-workers who could benefit from the workshop, feel free to invite them.

If you are unable to attend the class but would like to learn more about the topic, you can also view a webinar of the class. 

Quadrant Building
5445 DTC Pkwy
Greenwood Village, CO

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