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A craftsperson is only as good as their tools. And, like nearly all industries and trades, financial services has been transformed over the past decade. Today the essence of a well-functioning practice has to do with efficiency, technology, and strategies/products. Presidential has focused on bringing the most effective and efficient tools into a support package to make your life less stressed and more effective.

Unified technology combines all the tough tasks into one primary, easy-to-use system—everything you need to run your business in one place

  • Tracking workflow is a necessity for knowing what is happening to your and to your clients’ paperwork after it leaves your hands. Where is it in the system? Has it passed through Operations to Compliance? Has it been returned from underwriting and ready for signature? You will be able to immediately see updates on new business, service requests, and where all your work is being processed. To make it even easier, E-signature is available (for firms accepting it).
  • Our CRM system is designed to access important information with simplicity, allowing you to manage all points of contact with your clients and prospects. It is an intuitive, cloud-based platform that combines portfolio management, flexible performance reporting and client portals, client relationship management (CRM), planning, and business intelligence. It’s designed with a focus on ease of use and user experience.
  • You can automatically sync email, Notes, Activities, Projects and Workflows, all viewable within a single client record. It will archive your emails and it includes a document management system. The incredibly robust and customized client portal ties it all together, giving you unparalleled ability to collaborate and coordinate activities with your clients.
  • Our Portfolio Management & Performance Reporting system effectively becomes an extension of your brand. It produces very flexible and robust reports, which can be customized via a Report Builder tool. You can seamlessly manage client accounts, groups, and composites as well as lot tracking, gain/loss, performance reporting, and fee billing. The fixed income reporting tools are among best-of-breed.
  • Financial Planning capabilities are extensive and designed for optimum effectiveness. Designed using the CFP® Board six-step planning process. it includes goal planning capability without redundant data entry. You can easily review a simple balance sheet that compares goals and resources, and run a Monte Carlo simulation to determine how things may look down the road. Planning can be used with current clients or as a proposal tool when working with prospects. It will also quickly produce a Client Agreement or Investment Policy Statement that outlines the client/advisor relationship, risk tolerance, and details of the plan.
  • Data Aggregation has been one of the most difficult tasks a sophisticated advisor encounters on a regular basis. This system is designed to bring together disparate data sources and assemble them into a formatted, professional point of access for advisor and client alike.
  • Our Client Portal is more robust and flexible than comparable systems. You will be able to have account balance reporting including most held-away positions, including accounts clients choose to add for tracking purposes that are visible only to them (i.e., 401(k)s checking, savings). Clients will have the ability to upload documents crucial to them, such as wills, insurance policies, trust paperwork, medical instructions, etc., which only they can access (unless they specifically grant permission to you or others).

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