The Eagle’s Nest Webcast: The Alphabet Soup of an Economic Recovery

In this week's episode of the Eagle's Nest Webcast: Taylor Leary and Keith Weinman are joined by Dr. Michael Busler, a professor, economist, public policy analyst, writer, and entrepreneur. Taylor and Keith ask Dr. Busler for his insight on what shape the economic recovery might take and could happen in the coming weeks and months.

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Dr. Michael Busler

After the fallout comes the speculation of what’s next. Since the US abruptly halted our economy over 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits. As temperatures rise in anticipation for summer, so has the eagerness to get back to work and with that the question of what comes next. As the March 23rd market lows pass further in the rearview, and the question arises, “what does the economic recovery look like?” Will it be fast and furious like the fall from record highs, or will it be drawn out for many years to come? These are fundamental questions we must ask ourselves to plan for our financial future.

Lately, the recovery conversation has fixated on what letter of the alphabet the recovery look like; could it be a V, a U, a W? Or perhaps it’s a letter we haven’t considered yet. Instead of hearing the opinion of your neighbor, the retired engineer and part-time Uber driver, let’s hear from a professional. On this week’s episode of Eagle’s Nest Webcast we are going to hear from Dr. Michael Busler, a Professor of Business Studies at Stockton University in Pamona, New Jersey where he teaches undergraduate courses in finance and game theory, as well as managerial economics and corporate finance in the MBA Program. Dr. Busler is an economist, public policy analyst, writer, and entrepreneur. He has a knack for taking complicated economic analysis and presenting it in a way we, laymen, people can understand.

Taylor and Keith host a roundtable discussion with Dr. Busler where they will have the opportunity to ask him questions you’ve been dying to know about the economic recovery. By attending this webcast you will gain valuable insight on what an economic recovery might look like, the challenges our financial markets face, and how we, as a nation, can rebound from the economic devastation COVID-19 has inflicted, among so much more!

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