The Five Things You Need to Know to Navigate Today’s Financial Uncertainty

In this week's episode of the Eagle's Nest Webcast: Taylor Leary and Keith Weinman explain the five things you need to be aware of to guide yourself through the financial uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Keith Weinman

Since the March 23rd low on the S&P 500 and Dow, both market indexes have bounced back over 26%. If this trend continues the Covid-19 pandemic would have produced one of the shortest bear markets on record. However, it might be dangerous to hang your hat on that optimism, because the economic headwinds we are facing could blow your hat to Kansas. According to the Wall Street Journal, a quick exit would be a historical anomaly and many economists are expecting a recession as the pandemic has shut down businesses around the world and left many jobless. History shows us that when bear markets, a drop of more than 20%, are paired with an economic recession the recovery can be slow and painful and last about 11 months. Moral of the story: the financial statistics are not in our favor for quick and easy recovery.

During the coronavirus chaos, the advisors from Presidential Wealth Management have been working diligently with their clients to assist them through these difficult financial times. A trend has emerged, people are asking the same questions. In this week’s Eagle’s Nest Webcast, Taylor and Keith will distill your most pressing issues into 5 of the most important thing you need to know. On this webinar you will learn:


  • Simple strategies to take advantage of today’s market volatility
  • Actions you can take to insulate your portfolio from risk
  • What you can do if you feel like your plan is off track
  • How to protect yourself from market driven events

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