Comprehensive, Coordinated Special Needs Planning Class

Comprehensive, Coordinated Special Needs Planning Class

March 16

WHAT you will learn from this CLASS

  • Colorado ABLE accounts
  • Letter of Intent: Help a future caregiver step into your shoes
  • How to qualify for government income and health care benefits
  • How to calculate the funding for your child's quality of life
  • Strategies to fund this important supplemental resource
  • Colorado Medicaid Waivers: qualification and opportunities
  • Understanding Special Needs Trusts
  • Integrating Special Needs planning into your financial plan

March 16th, 10-Noon
Presidential Wealth Management
5445 DTC Pkwy, Suite 1100
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

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Join us for a comprehensive workshop to learn knowledge, tools and strategies from professionals specializing in aiding families with children with disabilities to help you provide the long, happy life you dream of for your child.


Kevne Sharpe

Kevne Sharpe, Certified Financial Planner™ and Chartered Special Needs Consultant® has over two decades of experience helping families plan for their financial success. With a specialty in Special Needs Planning, she will discuss the value of creating a Letter of Intent as well the importance of exploring qualification for public benefits whether they be SSI and Medicaid or SSDI and Medicare. She will walk you through the means-testing requirements to initially qualify for SSI and Medicaid and then discuss how to maintain qualification even if your child may earn a wage. You will learn how to calculate the amount needed from the family to supplement these government benefits to provide the quality of life you desire for your child’s lifetime. Funding options and strategies for this resource pool will be introduced including an in-depth look at the new Colorado ABLE account. Importantly, she will review how to integrate special needs planning strategies with the entire family’s comprehensive financial planning needs.

Jonathan T. Daye


Jonathan T. Day, Esq. is managing attorney at Denver based Elevate Estate Planning, LLC. His practice is focused on comprehensive estate planning, elder law, and special needs planning. He will review the unique considerations to keep in mind when it comes to special needs planning, the different types of special needs trusts and when to use each, and the pitfalls to avoid to ensure that your plan doesn’t negatively impact qualification for public benefits.

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